Leidos UK partners with futureproof

Leading science and technology solutions provider Leidos UK is pleased to welcome three new associates this month.

These new joiners are recent graduates of futureproof and represent the first step in an ongoing programme by Leidos UK to invest in diverse future talent.

Leidos UK has recently begun the process of strengthening its graduate and apprentice recruitment and training programmes, with the goal of identifying skills gaps within the organisation and ensuring any new early-in-career hires are given the best possible start to their career. They are also committed to making sure their talent schemes remain current and reflect future and evolving demands of the business.

To facilitate this, the organisation has partnered with futureproof for a pilot hiring programme.

futureproof’s key missions also align well with Leidos UK’s strategic objectives:

  1. Democratising access to tech careers
    futureproof aims to increase diversity for future generations by making the course 100% free for students and therefore equally accessible to people from all backgrounds – acceptance onto the course is based purely on ability, rather than the ability to pay. This attracts a diverse pool of talent which clients like Leidos UK can use to build strong future pipelines of tech superstars.
  2. Closing the tech skills gap
    Although the course is centred around software engineering, it has been designed to focus on techniques over tools, producing agile-minded associates who are commercially ready and able to adapt to the evolving demands of both the businesses they work in and technology as a whole.

The stringent application and training process – bolstered by the continual support from futureproof throughout the course and beyond – ensures that associates are of an extremely high calibre, something which Leidos UK are keen to ensure when incorporating early-in-career hires into their expanding teams.

Leidos UK look forward to seeing how their new associates grow within the company, with a view of potentially expanding the partnership with futureproof in future to become a primary source of high-quality talent for the next generation of technology professionals.

For more information on careers at Leidos, visit ukcareers.leidos.com

To learn more about hiring futureproof graduates for your business, please contact Claudia@getfutureproof.co.uk.


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