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Struggling to find diverse and capable talent in the tech industry?

We’ve got the solution. Hiring a futureproof associate is a long-term investment for your company, and we’ll be here with you every step of the way. 

Are you struggling to...

Increase diversity within your teams?


Our talented associates come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring their own unique experiences to the table, injecting fresh perspectives and new ideas into your business. 

Bring in high-quality junior Talent?


From our rigorous application process to continual assessment throughout the course and beyond, we’re always ensuring that our associates are meeting our high-quality standards.

Retain and develop new talent?


We provide ongoing bespoke training for managers and associates throughout their two-year placement, supporting you to grow diverse and effective teams within your organisation.

We work with...

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Why work with futureproof?

We know we’re not the only coding academy on the market, but we do things differently.

All-in-one talent acquisition

What are the two most difficult hurdles when getting talent into your business? Recruitment and training. We handle both of those for you. Our costs cover everything from attraction and assessment to getting associates onsite and providing ongoing support throughout their two-year tenure at your company.

Commercial readiness

Although we teach various languages, we focus on techniques over tools and cover a range of technology fundamentals to ensure that our associates are ready for anything the future might throw at them. In fact, due to their knowledge of principles and keen attitude to learn, over half of our associates end up turning their hand to other tech pathways, not just coding and development.

Professional development

Our coaching doesn’t stop once our associates land in your business - quite the opposite, in fact. Throughout their two-year placement, we continue to mentor and develop our associates and support their managers through personalised training, a technical roadmap, and much more. This ensures they continue to develop as valuable team members throughout their time with you.

The futureproof culture

Our clients often comment on the strength of our culture. Not only are our associates full of drive and ambition, they also bring the futureproof mindset with them - one of lifelong learning, care and respect for others, and inquisitive thinking. futureproof associates are hands on and ready to go, bringing fresh energy, experience and ideas to your tech teams. 

The futureproof model


We only accept the top 2%

All applicants go through a rigorous assessment period before being selected. We test for both attitude and aptitude through a 5-stage interview process, selecting based on values, problem-solving and reasoning abilities, and their passion for tech. Our course will always be free for our associates, in order to attract people based on ability, not the ability to pay.


Techniques over tools

Our 13-week, intensive full-stack coding course is delivered in a real-life tech environment. Following a warm-up week, it's broken down into four modules led by our expert coaches, covering both individual assessment and the creation, shipping and presenting of commercial products. Students work both individually and with peers, and are assessed throughout to ensure they are keeping up with the standards needed for placement.


Adding value from day one

After having the chance to attend our final presentation day and interview some of our associates, you’ll be able to engage them on a 2-year contract in your business. We’ll facilitate continued upskilling of associates and their managers through bespoke training and ongoing support, and as a futureproof employee, they’ll receive access to our wellbeing services and other community benefits.


We focus on teaching techniques, not just tools, to ensure our associates are ready for whatever challenges the rapidly changing world of tech might present during their careers. Here are just a few of the key programs, methodologies and skills we cover throughout the course: 






Data Science (Intro)



Responsive Design

System Architecture


Version Control

Web Accessibility






Tools & Frameworks













React Testing Library




Join our demo days to see our associates' final presentations or contact the futureproof team to learn more about how our associates can benefit your business.

futureproof in numbers

An overview of our achievements.

3 x
growth in 2021
early-career engineers supported
awards in 2021
leading employer partners


Learn more about the work we have done with our clients and how our associates have benefitted their businesses.

Leidos UK partners with futureproof

Leading science and technology solutions provider Leidos UK recruits 17 futureproof associates to boost the diversity and sustainability of their tech teams.

Home retailer & futureproof partner to build a new generation of talent

Client to develop a new generation of talented and diverse young software engineers at the company.

Reducing third-party dependancies for leading health-tech service provider

Our client recognised that their experienced engineers, contractors, and third-party providers were spending a significant proportion of their time working on simple, repetitive tasks and boilerplate code.

Hear from our clients

We’ve been privileged to work with numerous high growth and market-leading businesses. Hear what they have to say about the impact a consistent source of new talent has made to their operations.

"A lot of people talk about the importance of hiring diverse teams, especially within software engineering, but then fail to change the way they hire.

I was attracted to futureproof because I'm passionate about developing talent. Diverse teams lead to better debates and ultimately better decisions. They also create healthier teams with better opportunities for succession planning."

Julian Browne

"futureproof struck us as a really good way of us bringing in fresh, young talent so that we could work alongside them and they could help us with some of the tasks that we had in our project work. The main benefits were that we didn't have to go through all the hard work of actually running a graduate programme from start to finish. This is a great opportunity for our talent pipeline coming down the line and we are really looking forward to what the next 12-24 months produce for us."

Akash Gharu