Reducing third-party dependancies for leading health-tech service provider

Our client recognised that their experienced engineers, contractors, and third-party providers were spending a significant proportion of their time working on simple, repetitive tasks and boilerplate code.


Our client required a number of in-demand tech skills to build and support their digital products. Despite significant investment in this area, they still found they were unable to bring in the volume of tech talent required to meet their delivery needs through their preferred channels. The solution so far has been a heavy reliance on third-party services companies and contractors to close the gap.

They recognised three main challenges:

1. A heavy reliance on third parties and contractors to meetdelivery needs which is expensive

2. Experienced engineers proved a very costly way of completing simple tasks/boilerplate code

3. Less engagement from experienced engineers doing a significant amount of uninspiring work

Their objectives?

•  To create a balanced, more engaged team

•  To create a more cost efficient use of experienced engineers

•  Reduce dependency on third parties/contractors, and provide a sustainable, cost-effective strategy by creating the skills needed for the long term.


To build capacity in tech teams through junior talent, whilst looking to minimise the impact on the existing team’s velocity and have their junior talent contributing quicker.

To assess and train high-quality individuals in relevant skills, gain client specific experience/domain knowledge, and transition to permanent employees.


•  A more engaged team

•  More cost efficient use of experienced engineers

•  Reduce the dependency on third parties/contractors by building a more blended team

•  Junior engineers fulfilling the lower priority projects and simpler tasks, freeing up the experienced engineers to focus on higher priority projects and the more strategic/complex work.

Month 1-2
Month 3-5
Training & Assessment
Month 4-5
Talent Mapping
Month 6+
Placement and Transition

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