Home retailer & futureproof partner to build a new generation of talent

Client to develop a new generation of talented and diverse young software engineers at the company.


Our clients future strategy focuses on diversity and inclusion, effective resourcing of talent, and nurturing engineers to support their ambitious plans for tech innovation.


Our client is committed to taking on nine engineering associates in 2021 to give them the best possible start to their tech careers. The associates will spend two years at the 80,000-employee company, working with development teams to build vital new technologies to support their ambitious plans across their 1,400 global stores.


These new joiners represent the first step in an ongoing programme to invest in diverse future talent.

They look forward to seeing how their new associates grow within the company, with a view of potentially expanding the partnership with futureproof in future to become a primary source of high-quality talent for the next generation of technology professionals.

A manager, on his associate Aaron Yates, said:

“For someone so early in his software development career, I have been impressed with his engagement with the team, his communication skills, and his willingness to get stuck in. High potential!”

The Communications Manager said:

Our partnership with futureproof is of vital to importance to our future plans. Their expert training academy and ongoing developmental support of their associates, coupled with a deep commitment to diversity, can play a transformative role in supporting our future plans.

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