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Want to get into tech but don’t know where to start? We can help. We’re a training academy with an important difference.

We select students based on both their aptitude and their attitude. Our course is also free to attend, meaning we assess you based on ability, not the ability to pay.

Is futureproof right for you?

What is futureproof?

We’re an award-winning training academy that supercharges technology careers. In our intensive 13-week course, you’ll learn full-stack web development and technology fundamentals, before being introduced to a leading company on a two-year supported placement.

What will you get?

  • Transferrable tech skills
  • A two-year industry placement
  • Ongoing support and development
  • Be part of a lifelong community

What are we looking for?

Some of our students are educated to degree level, some aren’t. Some of our students are looking for their first job, and some are changing careers after a decade or more.

Enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication towards taking your first steps in an exciting new career is all we ask – we'll look after the rest.

We work with...

Your journey with futureproof


We only take the top 2%

You don’t need experience to apply. We’re simply looking for individuals with positivity, drive, and a passion for tech. You’ll go through a 5-stage assessment process where we’ll test your attitude and aptitude through a written application, a logical reasoning test, and three interviews. It’s your ability to learn that we are interested in, so be yourself and give it your all!

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13 weeks to kickstart your career

The course is split into a warm-up week, followed by four "laps". Each lap focuses on a different topic and is made up of three parts:

Learn week - Your introduction to the topic for this lap. You'll spend half of your time in lectures and the other half working on exercises to put your new knowledge into practice. 

Assignment week - You’ll be evaluated on your progress so far. There’ll be time for self-study, and we’ll set challenges that will hone your skills both individually and as a team player. 

Project week - Working in a small team, you'll create an entire product from scratch using the technologies you've learnt in this lap. You'll be able to include these projects in your portfolio, so by the end of the course you'll have four amazing pieces of work to boost your CV and kickstart your career.


Finding the right place for you

At the end of the course, you’ll present your final projects in front of a range of potential employers. We’ll then arrange interviews where you’ll have the chance to impress employers with your new skills and secure a 2-year placement in tech.


Landing your first job

Here’s the really exciting part! We’ll help you find the perfect entry-level role at a company you love. And it doesn’t have to be in software engineering either - in fact, over half our associates are now working as software architects, engineers, analysts and more!


Ongoing support

We’ll help you continue to grow throughout your two-year placement, providing ongoing mentoring for you and your manager, as well as bespoke training and a technical roadmap guide so you’re able to keep developing throughout.

You’ll also get the opportunity to be mentored by other past students or industry experts, and can continue to take advantage of our health and wellbeing services.

How we teach

We focus on techniques, not just tools, to ensure you’re ready for whatever the world of tech might throw at you during your career. Here are just a few of the key programs, methodologies and skills we’ll cover throughout the course: 






Data Science (Intro)



Responsive Design

System Architecture


Version Control

Web Accessibility






Tools & Frameworks













React Testing Library



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What do our learners achieve?

Although our course is geared towards software engineering and development, our graduates take their own individual paths based on what they’re most passionate about.

Around half of our associates stick with software engineering, but many go on to become business analysts, architects, cloud engineers and much more!

Business Analyst
Software Engineer
QA Tester
Software Developer

Why futureproof?

We know we’re not the only coding academy on the market, but our approach makes us special.

100% free for students

Unlike other coding schools, we don't charge you for the training and support you receive. We want to ensure the course is accessible to people from any background. Tech careers are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got previous experience or not; we’re interested purely in your attitude, drive, and eagerness to learn, rather than your educational or financial background. Read about payment terms >

Transferable skills

Although we cover a range of tech fundamentals, we prefer to focus on techniques over tools. By the end of the course, you’ll be proficient in a variety of tech stacks and have the skills you need to thrive. You’ll then get to further hone those skills throughout your two-year placement.

Comprehensive support

We value you as an individual and tailor our support services to suit your needs. After being taught by our experienced trainers and supported by a tight-knit network of your peers, you’ll receive ongoing training and mentoring with a bespoke technical and personal roadmap all the way through your placement. You’ll have access to our wellbeing services throughout, and support from our growing community.

Supercharge your CV

futureproof is about so much more than just learning to code. We expose you to real-world tech environments; as well as teaching you agile working practices, we’ll also familiarise you with organisational structures, roadmaps, performance reviews, goal setting and other soft skills to ensure you're ‘office-ready’ for your new role and in a great position to hit the ground running from day one.  

How we’ll support you

Your continued development and overall wellbeing really matters to us. We want to help you bring your best self to work and feel supported through every step of your journey, because that is how we see our students unlock their truest potential.

Mental health services

This is an intense course with a steep learning curve, and we know the first few years in a new career can be intense, so we will give you access to all the tools to look after your wellbeing both during and after.

Ongoing training

During your placement, we support you and your manager throughout your continued growth and learning across your two-year placement.

A lifelong community

Build a professional network with futureproof peers, and discuss your experiences with people from diverse backgrounds, on the same journey. You're part of a new wave of people who will lead the tech world of tomorrow.

Meet the tech superstars

We’re extremely proud of our associates and feel so lucky to have played a part in their personal career journeys.

Ceris quote from kurita cohorot furtureproof

"I came into futureproof as an English graduate with no connection to the tech industry at all. In 13 weeks I have learnt not only how to be a full stack developer, but I have emerged with a huge network of people in the same industry, with a job, with the skills and support to learn more while I am working. I couldn't recommend it enough."

Kurita Cohort 2021
Shav Vimaldiran morris cohort student quote futureproof

"Starting futureproof to initiate a career switch was the best decision I'd ever made. The opportunity to upskill in a structured way was the best springboard I could have ever asked for, and I couldn't be happier with the skills and the job I've gained 😊."

Morris Cohort 2021

Ready to take the first step?

Applications are now open for our 2022 cohorts!

Thinking of making a change?

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